Thoughts of mum-to-be: when you tell them

Good day to you all!

I’ve decided to share couple of my more random thoughts today.

I am soon to be mama. A fact.

Married not for that long. A fact.

Young enough. An opinion.

All good and nice. When you finally decide to share with the world your good news (the fact that you already are pregnant, or trying) it more or less looks like this:

What it sounds – ‘Hey how are you? Yes, we are trying for a baby!’

What it feels like it sounds – ‘Hey! We are having very regular and ridiculously calculated sex in order to pass our genetic material!’

And when you finally conceive:

What it sounds – ‘Hey! We are pregnant!’

What it feels like it sounds – ‘Hey! We had sex successfully, and both of us are fertile! Congrats to us for not failing at reproduction!’

Yup. So now you know it, just in case you didn’t.



First blog post

This being very first post on my new blog (YEY), I’ll let you guys know what it is going to be about and then you can decide if it is your cup of tea on not.

Without a doubt, writing is one of those things that I love. Considering myself rather creative I still do not pay as much attention to my other projects as I do to writing.

I write lists, everyday tasks (if I don’t it surly won’t get done), recipes, notes to myself and others tend to get scattered in places, journals, short stories and now I am also working on my very first book!

I guess that this blog will play part of a sort of internet journal then. It might interest you, it might not, but if you leave me feedback I’ll know ¬†what to write about more and what I should probably keep to myself (but hey, no promises).

Most of all this will be good practice for me, to write regularly, in an interesting manner and regardless of chaos that sometimes is my life.

Let us then begin! Enjoy.

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