Daily Prompt – Insist

“Go ahead” he said, “I insist.” The stranger motioned with his hand for you to walk into the blasted restaurant one more time. This strange tag of war was going on for solid four minutes now, and even if it is just a perfect time for this hard-boiled egg, polite gestures should definitely not have taken that long.

“No, no!” You repeated hastily, “Please, you go, I INSIST” This charade was getting very awkward rather fast. You looked down at bored child who was standing by the man. Must have been his son, or at very least nephew, family resemblance was uncanny. “Seems like this young fella wants his lunch now, haha…” You gave out meek laugh and gave him your branded smile which made your eyes look like two half-moons.

As if on queue little boy in question puffed out his plump lips in adorable pout and started tugging the man’s sleeve. You thought in was sweet really. He put his hand through boy’s wavy, alabaster hair and sheepishly scratched back of his head.

“Well, you’re probably right,” he replied. “He’ll tell his mom if I keep him hungry for too long ,and trust me, my sis can get scary, ha!”

Nephew then. You are not sure why but you felt certain sense of relief. Wait what?

“But” he made a pause as if considering his words carefully, “Will you join us? Don’t want to be weird, or anything” it instantly became a bit weird. “But I insist.”

All three if you walked into the restaurant, and that’s when you really noticed height difference between you and him. He was a tall man, and you would bet any money he played baseball in collage or uni. His dark skin contrasted nicely with your lighter, olive complexion. You were also one fourth shorter, grandparents being from Korea and all.

The boy run in and found you nice table to sit by, right beside a window with a view of back garden. Waiter just nodded his agreement and smiled politely handing you lunch menu.

“Alright then, but we split the bill” you finally said, and added “I INSIST.”

via Daily Prompt: Insist


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