Daily Prompt: Zip!

via Daily Prompt: Zip

Zip! “My mommy is a hero!”

Zip! “She knows magic too!”

Zip! “I swear! I swear!”

Zip! “One swoosh of her hand and ZIP! the dragons fly!”

Zip! “And she makes food appear!”

Zip! “You’ve got to believe me! ZIP! she moves her hand and monsters under the bed disappear! It’s rue, it’s true”

Zip! “And I’m not scared. I swear my mom is a hero!”


Little Timmy was so proud of his mom when he recalled events of yesterday to his two friends in preschool. His mom stood nearby smiling with this delicate smile of hers, talking to teacher of the four-year-old’s about some adult matters that did not interest little Timmy in the slightest.

She thought back to yesterday and fondly remembered how she swooshed pigeons away from their way to the park. She remembered how fascinated he was when she took out packed punch from her bag. When they got home and it was time for bed, Timmy was scared of monsters under his bed again. For his sake she checked all the dark corners moving her hands back and forth which seemed to ensure and calm him every time, without fail.

Noticing how he always looked at her hands she made sure to make solid, visible movements, and swift, zipping hand gestures.

Overhearing discussion her son had with other children, she finally understood why. Lovely smile blossomed on her lips. Zip! Just like that.



Hope you enjoyed my little story, please make sure to leave me feedback in comments! 🙂


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