Daily Prompt: Gray

via Daily Prompt: Gray

He walked through the town aimlessly. It was middle of a summer yet it certainly did not feel like such. Sun was hiding behind thick and heavy clouds threatening to let rain drop any minute now. He saw people scrambling away in hurry, merchants packing their goods, mothers ushering their children to walk faster. Rich smell of rain was hanging in the atmosphere, air motionless in anticipation of the upcoming downpour.

It was his day off, first in a long time, and since a little rain never bothered him, he seemed to be the only one that was not in a hurry.

His eyes traveled all around, watching his little town seemingly afraid of the rain. It was mid day and yet everything seemed to turn dark and dull as first thunder could be heard. This place, always so bright and full of vibrant colors was all of the sudden deprived of its glow when the first rain droplets littered the earth.

Stopping in his tracks he looked up and closing his eyes, he let the water which increased in intensity fall on him, drenching his clothing completely in matter of minutes. His messy silver hair which usually seemed to defy gravity stack to his face in wet locks.

Looking down he saw his own reflection in a dark shop window.

Everything was gray. The sky deprived of sun, the ground on which he walked on, the buildings all around him. And his hair was gray too, same as his skin which usually was just pale, now seemed gray.

The more he looked at his reflection the more he realized that he did not really mind that much.

So he continued on his aimless journey submerged in a world of gray.


Thank you for reading my story, please make sure to leave a wee comment and let me know what you though of it! 🙂


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