Daily Prompt: Avid

via Daily Prompt: Avid

Lyra was avid for information about the case. Her boys in the precinct knew there was no stopping her once she got a whiff of trail on the murder investigation. She was like a hound relentless in her search and just as fearsome. To anyone that knew her, it was impressive but not surprising that Lyra made detective in her young age.

The fact of how very keen she was in her search for clues, on how much enthusiasm she put in solving the mistery, almost completely voiding the human factor out of it was almost scary.

There was no ‘Please, bring me the file on Mr Donegal’s autopsy.’ It was ‘Please, bring me file on the corpse’s autopsy.’

There was no ‘Sorry I have to ask Mrs Donegal, but did your husband have any enemies?’ It was ‘Mrs Donegal, I need a list of associates of your dead one for yesterday.’

There was a reason why she was given a more person-orientated partner who usually dealt with witnesses, victims and family members of such.

There were people who were worried on how disconnected she is, yet regardless of that they let her do her thing, because she brought results back.

Lyra was their hound, she was their sniffer dog. Always knowing when people lied to her, always catching a false confession and witness full of lies. Noticing clues no-one else saw was her thing.

Yes, she was avid in her search, in her work. Was it entirely good? Was it entirely bad?

Is anything ever? They were have to wait and see.


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