Lost in Wonderland

How often do you feel like you are lost? In your mind, in your actions, in your day? How is it that one can know where they are and who they are with, yet still feel so utterly lost?

I am certain it is not just me. I do feel like I am lost an awful lot though. The fact that I let my mind wonder aimlessly does not help either. It is not that I see my mind-wondering as anything negative, quite on a contrary actually, however sometimes I do and up feeling out of place, or that I’m forgetting something important (the latter I blame mostly on pregnancy).

I personally believe that getting yourself lost sometimes, in your mind or body, can be helpful in a bigger picture.

How else is one to find oneself, or a purpose of once path or actions if they were never lost in the first place? You can not find something that isn’t lost. Therefore my conclusion: loose yourself sometimes so you can find yourself again.

On occasion I would go for long walks, in places I do not really know, and let my legs carry me somewhere unfamiliar, just so I can find my way home again. I do the same with my mind, let it soar and roam in usually untraveled corners of consciousness, because maybe, just maybe I might find something interesting there.

That is how new ideas are born and old once developed and mastered. How inspiration comes to find you when you don’t pursue it endlessly. When you relax and stop worrying and stressing over a project, an essay, whatever it might be, your mind has this wonderful ability to untangle itself like a magic ball of yarn.

This advice is mostly for myself. I’m working on a very ambitious writing project. I do want to publish my very first book by the time I reach my thirtieth birthday. I do have to admit, it is a struggle sometimes (correct: MOST of the time) to put what is in my head on paper. Like right now for example.

Therefore I think it is time for me to get lost. I’ll write to you again when I find myself.

Until then!


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