Daily Prompt: Unravel

via Daily Prompt: Unravel

Decided to jump in on this one, for practice sake.

Unravel. Dictionary tells me that unravel is to undo twisted, knitted or woven threads, or to investigate and solve or explain something complicated and puzzling.

Personally, I feel that the latter meaning is closer to our lives. There often comes time when we have to unravel, undo twisted matters, thoughts or situations. How often do we find ourselves in places and times when this exact word fits to the situation in hand?

Life tends to be simple yet not easy, and while trying to make it easier on ourselves we often seem to complicate, twist and tangle it much more then it needs to be.

Therefore, take a step back taking deep breath, and grab the closest thread to you. Slowly but surly start untangling it. Easy. You can do this. You will eventually find all the threads, undo the knots in the situation and make it smooth once more.

Take it easy on yourself, unravel complicated life to make it simple, like a ball of pretty, new yarn. You will find that without those complicated knots in your life, it is easier to breath and to move.

Good luck.


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