Caged bird with open hatch

Do you consider yourself a free bird? Maybe there was a stage of your life that you did, or maybe you wished you could have? Of course there are different ways of interpreting ‘a free bird’. I do not mean drinking and partying at every opportunity since I personally never considered such activities as freedom, but as of something rather opposite.

My freedom consisted of getting financially independent from my parents. I moved out at tender age of 20, and happily lived on my own after finishing college.

I organised myself trips, I went abroad, I went back to my country of origin to travel across and visit my family which whom we never had any contact due to whatever.

My freedom was always making my own decisions that led to positive things. As everyone else making mistakes was no stranger to me (especially concerning one absolute ‘bag of D’s’ as my little sis likes to call it, but lets move on).

Therefore when my husband said to me recently that it all seems so bizarre, I seriously wondered what can he mean, and I asked. He replied:

“I just can’t believed we’re married and pregnant, going to have our little family. We rent this house and we’re about to get a car. You were so free and independent when we first met, you know?”

Well, we are in our mid twenties, and yes, all this is happening, and yes, people wonder and ask, but is it really so hard to understand? I am still free! And definitely still independent.

Yes, I do have responsibilities, so does he, but I always did. I lived independently, not in a shared accommodation but in a modest yet not small flat and I was happy.  I made my decisions and I am satisfied with them and their consequences. I am free to live nice and peaceful life.

You know people often tend to mix two very different words: freedom and lawlessness which is simple lack of restrained. I do think that one can be wild and wise at the same time.

Here I am, this free and independent young woman, who either ever was in education or worked, about to have my family extended. I am ‘adulting’ and I believe I’m doing it quite well at that! I’m going to be out of work for a little while with the arrival of our baby. I do say it was a difficult decision to make, due to the fact that I am a working professional and I worked hard to get my qualifications and skills where I have them now. Yet, I am choosing to step down and become a housewife. How odd.

When I was thinking about it image of a bird came to mind. A little bird which caged itself.

The little bird grows and becoming stronger fighting its way out of the cage that did not feel like home for a long time. The little creature tried to weave its own nest. It was pretty and just enough but it did not feel right, not like it should have. The bird have found its mate and they chose to build a new nest together. They flew into a cage, this time it was without force and with opened hatch. Not to run away when things get tough but because they can. Cage provides security and peace, and open hatch provides opportunity to stretch cramped necks and stiff wings. They are still birds, they have feathers and light bones to fly. They could fly away if they wanted, however some birds choose to remain in their cages or on their branches. You just need to treat them right.

It is mind that is to be free, if your mind is free then you can accomplish anything you desire.

Let me know what you think! Chat later!


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