This escalated quickly

Nothing like a good family row huh?

Especially if it’s on a damn group chat, that you started so that family living all around the continent can communicate. Great. Just wonderful.

Let me give you a quick backstory. My dad is having two weeks off work. He was sending us picks from one of his long walks. It was lovely weather and we all enjoyed pretty flowers on our screens. I say all but maybe not…

Mother: That’s what your father does – either he’s away on walks or in front of laptop.

Brother (27year old with fiance and a baby son): Erm… That’s grand mum, but we would rather if you guys resolved your problems in private not a family chat lol

Mother: You’re too much of a puppy dog [ps big insult in where we’re from] to tell me such things son! Besides I meant it as a joke.

Bro: it didn’t look like a joke ect., ect.

There it continues for a while with my older sis joining in having his back. I agree with my siblings on that too.

And then our dad finally seen the damn thing and goes:

Dad: Well darling I didn’t interpret it as a joke either. Let’s remember we’re all to respect each other, children parents and vice-versa. Honey, I also don’t appreciate anyone calling our son puppy dog, even you since it inclines that you as his mother are a bitch and of course I won’t be having that.
Well. Shots fired! It railed into a rather heated argument which ended with me and my sister leaving the family chat all together.

Problem being not that small and insignificant dispute but rather something much greater, emotions hiding beneath. There are underlying BIG problems in this family, forgive me for omitting details. Seems like this was just last drop in the ocean of grief and therefore inevitable finally happened and people snapped.

By the end of that week my lil 13year-old sister moved in with me and my husband, my dad gave mother ultimatum of rehab or divorce, she tried to manipulate him and ended up in hospital with OD, which thankfully didn’t affect my dad’s decision.

On top of that there were other things but they all seem so insignificant in comparison, won’t you agree?

On more happy note, me and hubby are getting a car Yey! 😁 

Who needs TV when your life is as exciting as any drama can be? 😉


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